World Press Freedom Day: what consequences have created war and pandemic?

The war and the pandemic have caused serious consequences for free information, the worsening of press freedom is now a global phenomenon. We communicators around the world have a duty to continue to denounce these injustices and abuses


On May 3rd is celebrated the XXIX World Press Freedom Day 2022, will be dedicated to the memory of Andrea Rocchelli and Brent Renaud, two journalists killed in Ukraine (the first in 2014 and the second a month ago). Established in 1993 by the United Nations General Assembly, it recalls, in line with Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the inalienable right of press freedom, pluralism and media independence.

But what is the situation today as regards the right to expression?

The Press Freedom Index, an annual ranking compiled by Reporters Without Borders (RWB), gives us a disturbing reality. The value of expressing and disseminating information clashes with a very different truth, characterized by kidnappings, persecution and reprisals in many countries around the world.

A sad and recent example is the war between Russia and Ukraine where misinformation constitutes a third army in the field. Many brave colleagues have risked or lost their lives for information and truth all over the world. The list of women and men in Europe and in the world who have been silenced or murdered is really very long, but there are also many independent and committed media that continue to fight and contribute to the construction of a better future, free information for all.

Another crisis for the freedom of the press has been (and still is) crossed by the media, due to the pandemic from Covid-19. The worsening global financial situation has undermined the ability of news agencies and newspapers to provide clear and accurate news and counteract the numerous “fake news” now present everywhere.

Indeed, the European Parliament has declared that misinformation linked to the current situation is a serious public health problem. All citizens must have access to truthful, verified communication and that the right notions are necessary for democracy.

Press freedom is not an ambition but a civil, serious and exemplary commitment that we owe to all journalists from all over the world who are sacrificing their lives every day for the right to information.

The hashtag for World Press Freedom Day 2022 is: #InMemoriadiRocchellieRenaud

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