Women and Pandemic

“Women and Pandemic” is the title of the International Meeting planned by AMMPE, that counted with the participation of women coming from four continents: Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.  From all the interventions, it came an indisputable fact: women were those people who have been more affected by the pandemic on every aspect of our lives.

But the interventions weren’t only about focusing the current problems, we were focused on concrete actions also: there can’t be democracy without equality; one of the priorities to rebuild a post-Covid society is to bash gender inequalities; let’s think about a new kind of leadership; let’s instill conscience to denounce the violence cases and, what is very related with this last problem, there’s the masterful necessity that violence victims must have justice and recovery.

In this way, it was a common opinion that, as communicators, we have a great deal: let’s help with the reconstruction of a society that should be egalitarian, made of human beings, made of people.

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