XXIII AMMPE World Congress

London, 6-9 November 2018

XXIII Congress of the Worldwide Association of Women Journalists and Writers

Telling the whole story; a complex world needs all its story tellers

The Worldwide Association of Women Journalists and Writers will hold its Congress in London, for the first time, in 2018. The event will coincide with the 100th anniversary of female suffrage in the UK.

The four-day event will focus on story-telling. With women joining together to challenge norms of behaviour to an unprecedented degree at the moment, it matters that women are amongst those telling the stories and deciding which stories are important. The less diverse the story tellers, the less diverse the stories, and the less informed our decisions will be.  But what are the challenges for the digital age, for workplaces, for frontline reporting? And do women journalists and writers really have the power to influence and lead these changes?

The association, known by its Spanish acronym AMMPE, was founded in 1969 in Mexico by the Mexican writer and journalist Gloria Salas de Calderon, joining women journalists and writers in 37 countries.  It aims to raise awareness of the issues affecting journalism and writing in general, and women in particular; to promote gender diversity in these areas; and to provide an international network for women writers and journalists.

The last Congress, in Santiago in 2016, was attended by around 700 people from around the world and was opened by Chilean President Michelle Bachelet.

Sarah Gibson, is the Chief Operating Officer of Celebro Media Studios and was previously a senior manager at BBC News and co-founder of the Global Women in News network. She was elected President at the Congress for a two year term. Two vice presidents were also elected: Patricia Mayorga, correspondent in Italy of the Chilean newspaper “El Mercurio” and writer. Likewise, Teresa Carreras, journalist of the weekly El Siglo, of Madrid, coordinator of the global platform of gender journalists GAMAG EUROPE and professor of journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

The team is now working together with the BBC, Google, the journalism faculties at City and Kent universities, Women in Journalism, the Frontline Club, Pen UK, City Hall and other partners to hold four days of discussion, debate, workshops and visits in London.

Sarah Gibson says: ‘London is home to many respected media organisations and cultural institutions – some with long and proud histories, and other much newer arrivals. It’s a diverse and multicultural capital city.  It’s an ideal place to look at the challenges and realities for women working in journalism and writing, and to share information and expertise. And importantly, network and learn from each other’.

This year’s presidency will focus on the following areas: ·

Growing awareness and profile of the organisation in the English speaking and European world, and the establishment of European and UK chapters

Establishing a pan-African presence

Increasing its impact in the debate on women’s participation in the media and writing by making it more global

Making it more useful and relevant to women writers and journalists throughout the world, with a particular emphasis on best practice, safety, employment and the impact of changing technologies, as well as topical debates

Ensuring the sustainability of the organisation, through the launch of a permanent web presence to link chapters throughout the world and to feature useful resources.

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