Message from AMMPE’s President

A message from AMMPE's current president, Sarah Gibson

Welcome to AMMPE, the Worldwide  Association of Women Journalists and Writers, and to our next Congress, AMMPE’s 23rd, in London and in Kent.

The dates are 6-9 November 2018, and the subject is Telling the Whole Story: A Complicated World needs all its Storytellers.

This overarching theme, which will focus on diversity across the media, why it’s important and what gets in the way, will allow us to take stock of where we are at the moment, as women who are involved in the media or literary worlds.

Experiences will vary, country by country. Some things taken for granted in one nation may not be so readily accepted in another.

But with the challenge of a globalised media landscape through changing technology, and globalised pressures such as climate change, conflict, migration, human rights, we need a forum to share our specific experiences as female journalists and writers.

And it matters to the narratives of our times that women are telling the stories and deciding which stories are important – the less diverse the storytellers, the less diverse the stories, and the less informed our decisions will be.

Women are joining together to challenge the norms of behaviour to an unprecedented degree at the moment. The speed of information has gathered pace and is changing the media, and how audiences get their information, fundamentally.  What does this new journalism, the digital and social age, mean for women working in the literary and media worlds? How geared up are workplaces to ensure women are present at all levels.

And is journalism and writing itself moving quickly enough to reflect and inform today’s societies, and do women journalists and writers have the power to influence and lead these changes?

This ground-breaking Congress will bring together the world’s leading women journalists, writers, academics and publishers, for three days of keynote speakers, discussions, visits and workshops.

My goal in standing for AMMPE President was to bring women journalists and writers from around the world to the UK, to learn from each other and from the many and varied media, academic and literary institutions based in the UK.  I wanted to give AMMPE a more influential voice in the debates around gender representation and media. And I wanted to leave a legacy of organisation through this webpage that I hope will become a resource for women writers and journalists around the world.

More through luck than planning, the Congress coincides with the 100th anniversary of female suffrage in the UK. It also comes at a difficult but fascinating moment in the UK’s history, as it prepares to leave the EU.

London is home to many respected media organisations and cultural institutions – some with long and proud histories, and other much newer arrivals. It’s a diverse and multicultural capital city.  It’s an ideal place to look at the challenges and realities for women working in journalism and writing, and to share information and expertise.

AMMPE is new to the UK, but I am pleased to say that many media and the organisations are supporting the Congress.

It will be an exciting time, and we will be posting more news as we get it, with information on how to sign up for sessions and receive alerts coming your way soon.

So take a look at the website, send us suggestions, sign up to our social media accounts.

Sarah Gibson

AMMPE President 2016-2018

Ready to register?

Tickets for our 23rd Congress are FREE, but we have limited capacity at all venues. You also don’t have to attend all 4 days. You can register to attend just one or all of the Congress. We’d love to see you there!