XXIII Congress of the Worldwide Association of Women Journalists and Writers

My dear friends,
The Covid19 emergency forced us to postpone our 24th Congress. We thought we could have done it this year, 2021, but the adverse conditions of this historical period that we are living are forcing us to postpone it again, for one year at least. We don’t think it’s a serious thing to set a specific date right now. What is sure is that we will work for doing it in presence. Please follow us on social networks, because we keep you updated about what we will do. Thank you so much

I send you a big hug and take care!

Patricia Mayorga

Dear friends,
First of all, I want to thank you for your trust and I hope to live up to the great task that awaits us for the next months, until the realization of our next Congress that will be held in Rome from the 25th to the 28th of November.

“The challenges of journalism in today’s world for the future” is the generic title of our meeting, since globalized society and the scenario in which we have to act, although with specific nuances in each region, requires us to deliver answers to global issues that, one way or another, affect us interchangeably, regardless of the place in the world in which we work.

I refer to the development of new technologies with their strengths and limits, climate change, fake news, censorship, harassment and specially migration, a fundamental matter at this time, which affects the entire world and that relates directly to human rights and human dignity.

The title of the last Congress, held in London in November 2018 was “A complex world needs all its voices”, and is a trace that we will continue in our meeting in Rome, enriching it with the attendees’ contributions in the field of communication in its broader meaning: press, public relations, marketing, academic, literary and artistic worlds.

Keeping in mind that this year marks the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action (IV United Nations World Conference on Women), it will be an important year to evaluate the J point of the platform that relates to communication.

Rome was, and continues to be, one of the most important cities in world history and that is where I invite my colleagues from all over the world to accompany us and actively participate in the fundamental debates that concern us.

From the moment I assumed this responsibility I made contact with numerous entities; local, professional, governmental, diplomatic and private institutions. I can officially inform you that the November 2020 meeting will take place at the Political Science Faculty of the “Roma 3” University. The conclusive event will take place in the Rome Town Hall.

More that 40 years of life and work in Rome let me predict an excellent professional and personal growth experience that you will never forget.

Looking forward to see you in ROME!

Patricia Mayorga