Declaration on the murder of journalist Malala Maiwand in Afghanistan

The Worldwide Associations of Women Journalist and Writers (AMMPE) condemns the crime against our colleague Malala Maiwand, who was deadly shot with her driver in Jalalabad (Afghanistan). It’s the most recent of a lot of selective murders that have been committed in the country against influential characters of civil society.
Since almost one year, attacks against journalists, religious, defenders of human rights and students, have increased in an escalation that tries to annihilate the freedom of expression, started after the pact signed last February between United States and Talibans and, from last september, with the direct dialogue of the integralist Muslim group with Kabul government.
Malala Maiwand worked as an anchorwoman on the tv channel Enakas and had an active role in the community, being an activist of civil society. In a short bulletin that has been spread from one of the propaganda channels of the Islamic State on Telegram, the group revindicated the attack.

Rome, december 12, 2020

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