About us

Worldwide Association of Women Journalists and Writers

Founded in 1969 in Mexico, by the Mexican writer and journalist Gloria Salas de Calderon, with the participation of 37 countries, the organization is an association of women journalist and writers groups around the world.

The presidency rotates every two years, and its biannual Congress is held in relevant country. The current presidency is in Italy, and the next Congress will be in Rome.

The goals of the group are:

  • to raise awareness of the issues affecting journalism and writing in general, and women in particular

  • to promote gender diversity in these areas

  • to provide an international network for women writers and journalists.

The current President is Patricia Mayorga, writer and journalist. She works with the most important Chilean newspaper, “El Mercurio”, and worked also with Chilean Radio “Bio-Bio”.

The last Congress, in London 2018, was attended by around 350 people from around the world and was hosted in the most important locations like BBC Headquarters, University of London, Google Headquarters and Kent University. The theme was “Telling the story: a complex world needs all its storytellers”.

Journalists and writers from across Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia were represented.

Past AMMPE Presidents

  • (1969- ) Gloria Salas de Calderon Mexico
  • (1969~) Kena Moreno Mexico
  • (1970~) Mari Hershfeld U.S.A.
  • (1971~) Mary Weber U.S.A.
  • (1973~) Grace Kim Korea
  • (1977~) Pierrette Pare Walsh Canada
  • (1988~) Enoh Irukwo Nigeria
  • (1993~) Alice Kao Taiwan R.O.C .
  • (1996~) Noelia Miranda Chile
  • (2000~) Concepcion Solana Mexico
  • (2002~) Jennifer Shen Taiwan R.O.C .
  • (2004~) Gloria Leiva Chile
  • (2006~) Nily Povedano Argentina
  • (2008~) Vicky Lee, Taiwan R.O.C.
  • (2010~) Rosa Maria Valles Ruiz Mexico
  • (2012~) Julia Eugenia Martinez Chile
  • (2014~)
  • (2016~) Sarah Gibson, UK