Meet the team

AMMPE's board

From all over the world, these women represent AMMPE's steering committee and representation.


Sarah Gibson

President (UK)

Sarah was elected President of the Worldwide Association of Women Journalists and Writers in 2016, at its Congress in Santiago, Chile. She’s the COO of Celebro Media Studios and was previously senior manager in BBC News, and is currently working on a major project to expand BBC World Service, and is focusing on reaching new diverse audiences across the world.   She started working as a journalist for the BBC in 1989, and has focused on international news throughout her career. She’s worked in Europe, Russia, the former Soviet Union and Australia, in radio, TV and digital. She’s managed large international teams and in recent years has moved into more strategic leadership roles in the BBC.   She is co-founder of the BBC’s Global Women in News staff network, and a champion for gender diversity in the organisation. She’s also a member of the University of Kent Council.   As current President of AMMPE, she wants to the organisation to build on its legacy by really benefitting from its 2018 London Congress – through the networks, contacts and organisations that are in the city.  She wants to concentrate the kind of journalism and story telling that helps today’s audiences make sense of the world. And she wants to leave a legacy of practical support and resources for women journalists, through a new website and more.


Patricia Mayorga

Vice President (Italy)

Patricia Mayorga is a journalist, writer and Chilean translator. She has been a correspondent in Italy since 1992 for the newspaper "El Mercurio".  In Italy she has worked with outlets like “Paese Sera”, “Noi Donne”, “Aidos News”, Agencia Ansa, “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, “L’Unitá”. She's published several books including,  “El Condor Negro: la Internacional fascista y las relaciones secretas con el régimen de Pinochet”,  “Michelle Bachelet: la donna del riscatto”, and “Manuel Bustos, un sindicalista en la transición”.


Julia Eugenia Martinez

Former AMMPE President (Chile)

Julia Eugenia Martínez is a journalist and lecturer at the Faculty of Communications at the Universidad Católica in Chile. She is a former President of AMMPE and she organised the world congress that took place on 2016 that was attended by people from over 20 countries. Julia specialised as a reporter for tv and radio. After working for over 10 years at the BBC in London, she returned to Chile in 1995. After that she started to teach radio at the Journalism school at UC.

Teresa Carreras_Irina Bokova

Teresa Carreras

Vice President (Spain)

Professor of Journalism at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), ​​ correspondent  to Barcelona of the  political and cultural magazine, weekly, "El Siglo" (Madrid) , director of "La Independent" news agency with a gender perspective (, and director of a radio programme  “Crossing of Europe”, a weekly programme on european topics. We are in the temth season. She worked as a journalist for twenty five years  at TVE  (Spanish TV): Teresa was from  2001-2004  editor in chief  at the Spanish TV in Barcelona , and correspondent in Brussels from 1989 to 2008. From April 2015 coordinator of GAMAG EUROPE and member of the Secretariat of GAMAG EUROPE She was president of the Association of European Journalists of Catalonia (APEC)  2007-2015. Now she is in the Board of this  European  Journalist Association.

The Organising Committee

Working hard to deliver an incredible 4 day event.


Laura Garcia

University of Kent

Laura Garcia  started her work as a multimedia journalist started back in her home town of Mexico as a photographer for a newspaper. She also worked for newspapers and film production companies in the US before coming to the UK in September 2011. Since then, Laura has been working in different newsrooms across the UK: ITV Meridian, BBC South East, BBC Radio Kent, NBC News, R4's The World Tonight and ITN's Channel 5 News. Currently she works as a Lecturer in Television and Multimedia Journalism, works as a correspondent for hispanic media in Mexico and the US, and is politics producer at KMTV.