The World Association of Women Journalists and Writers

Welcome President AMMPE WORLD 2022 – 2024

Welcome the new President of AMMPE WORLD, Elia Simeone, Chilean journalist, head of the newspaper “Prensa Austral”, of Punta Arenas and director of the National Association of Women Journalists of Chile (ANMPE), unanimously elected at the XXIV Congress AMMPE World Cup that took place in Rome from September 14 to 17, 2022.


The World Association of Women Journalists and Writers AMMPE, (from its acronym in Spanish, Asociación Mundial de Mujeres Periodistas y Escritoras, founded in 1969 in Mexico City) is an organisation with 30 member countries, whose XXIV Congress will be held in Rome from 14 to 17 September 2022.

Since the year of its establishment, we have held a biennial congress in different countries (among others, Mexico, United States, Chile, Taiwan, Argentina, Great Britain) attended by women journalists and writers from all over the world to discuss the most topical issues, chosen by the members of AMMPE and elaborated together with experts mainly but not exclusively related to the world of information. 


ROME 2022

Dear friends and colleagues:

As I mentioned in our year-end video, also published here, we are about to leave 2021 behind and are on the threshold of 2022, an important year for us as we approach our XXIV Congress in Rome, to be held from September 14 to 18. We are hoping this will be an in-person event.

When I took up the position of President in 2019, I did not imagine (maybe no one did) that we would be facing the global threat of Covid 19. After a brief period of uncertainty, we were able to leave our worldwide confinement and begin gathering the necessary funding to continue our work through the various platforms available to us.

As President, I am happy to say I received support from a great number of women in our group. This solidarity has become the norm for us as an organization and has allowed us to carry on with our events. To me this proves that challenges can become an incentive as we move forward.

Among other accomplishments, we were able to hold virtual meetings in which top panelists discussed issues of great importance to us, including sexism in the media and the issue of sexual aggression against women journalists. We also covered other topics related to our genre, including various forms of violence against women, and the issue of women in the midst of the pandemic.

In addition, we were able to carry the voice of AMMPE to several international discussion groups, the most recent one last November in Barcelona. These forums allowed us to define the role of feminism on opposite banks of the Mediterranean. A similar event was, “Waiting for the G-20 Women,” organized by the Italian town hall of Santa Margherita Ligure. This discussion group took place during the World Leaders’ Summit, which concluded with a group photograph in which no woman was present, sadly reflecting the uneven balance of genre in world leadership now that Angela Merkel has retired from public service.

Rejoicing as a group and transmitting from our computers all over the world, we wish to send our heartfelt congratulations to our Philippine colleague, Maria Ressa for her well-deserved Nobel Peace Prize. We also denounce violent instances throughout the world and stand by colleagues who have been victims of assault, including Italian correspondent for the RAI network, Lucia Goracci, who was kidnapped and beaten by an anti-vaccer senator from Rumania; and Jenny Perez, who was violently attacked by followers of Chilean political leader, Jose Antonio Kast after an interview for the German DW network.

Dear friends and colleagues, this has been a challenging time and we must now work toward an important goal: organizing our next Congress in Rome. Beginning now and until September of 2022 we need to work together with the same dedication and energy as we have until this moment. We must leave our difficulties behind and focus on the path ahead, for as the renowned poet from Seville extolled: “We make our path by walking forward!”

Patricia Mayorga Marcos


The international congress holds biannually to pursue AMMPE objectives and develop friendships among members. So far twenty one international conferences have taken place in different cities of its member countries. The venues and topics of each international congress are as follows:

World Congress 2018

UK 2018

World Congress 2016

Chile 2016

World Congress 2014

México 2014

AMMPE discusses “turquoise diplomacy” and lines of cooperation with the director of Chile’s Diplomatic Academy

By AMMPE World

Santiago, Chile. 2022 has been declared the year for “turquoise foreign policy”, in which Chile has had an active participation in multilateral and bilateral forums. This was one of the topics addressed by the Worldwide Association of Women Journalists and Writers (AMMPE) with the director of the Diplomatic Academy of Chile, María del Carmen Domínguez.